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Tsohost Promotional Code 2014. If you are looking for a reliable, cost-effective and a superbly helpful UK cloud web hosting company then is your answer. Tsohost is part of the Paragon Internet Group who own and run some of the UK’s most reputable web hosting and domain registration companies. Today, we are giving our customers and readers 10% off their hosting with Tsohost, when they use the Tsohost Promotional Code at Enter the Tsohost Promotional Code: ENM10 (?).

Tsohost Promotional Code 2014


Latest Tsohost Promotional Codes 2014

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Tsohost Promotional Code Savings



Why Choose

Cloud web hosting, in my professional opinion, is the way forward for all websites, blogs and online shops alike. Simply put, a website built on cloud hosting means that it will exist on a secure area on the internet and not a specific area on a server. There are many benefits with hosting a website in this way:

  • Tsohost is Flexible: The instant you need more space or bandwidth you can quickly and easily upgrade, or even downgrade to suit your own specific needs.
  • Tsohost is Environmentally Friendly: You only use the space you need so you do not have the excess carbon footprint you would have with conventional server hosting.
  • Tsohost is Responsive: Your websites load faster with a cloud host than conventional server hosting.
  • Tsohost is UK Based: Having their company and hardware based in the UK means that you will get improved load times and improved search engine ranking for the UK.


Tsohost Cloud Hosting Pricing

We currently use the Ultimate Hosting package for the majority of our clients websites but for some clients we also use the Standard Hosting packages. All these packages use the same admin panel in the backend which is simple and easy to use. It take less than 10 minutes from purchase to have a basic WordPress site installed. Use Tsohost Promotional Code “ENM10″ to save an extra 10%. Here is a list of current tsohost cloud hosting prices (last updated 2014).



Tsohost Domain Name Pricing

Tsohost domains are relatively good value compared to other domain registration companies. We have two top tips for buying domains. Tip One: Make sure you buy the and .com variations of the domain name you want. Tip Two: Purchasing a domain for two years instead of just one year means you will save more money as the domain per year is cheaper this way. Use Tsohost Promotional Code “ENM10″ to save an extra 10%. Here is a list of current tsohost domain prices (last updated 2014).

Tsohost Domain Name Prices


Tsohost SSL Certificate Pricing

Online security is key not just for ecommerce websites but any website that requires users to login and enter personal details, usernames and passwords. By installing a SSL certificate on your site you can boost the trust levels of your audience – so whether you are selling or not – you will have more people coming back to visit time and time again. We have purchased 4 SSL certificates from Tsohost over the last 18 months and the team have help us install them and fix any issues we were having so don’t worry about not being able to install it yourself. The are great at providing one to one help (this is one of the reason they are doing so well!). There are currently four available SSL certificate options. We recommend the Standard SSL certificate for non-ecommerce sites which require a login; the Wildcard SSL certificate for ecommerce sites that use a third party payment gateway such as PayPal; and the EV Premium SSL certificate for all ecommerce sites that take payment directly from the website. Security and trust are paramount for a success website. Use Tsohost Promotional Code “ENM10″ to save an extra 10%. Here is a list of current tsohost ssl certificate prices (last updated 2014).

Tsohost SSL Certificate Prices

Tsohost Promotional Code

You have read the benefits of Tsohost Cloud Hosting so why don’t you head over to their website and have a look at the great features and services on offer. If and when you are ready to buy, just enter this Tsohost Promotional Code at the checkout: ENM10 (?).


Why do we use and promote

Like everyone and every business who needs a website you first end up using one of the larger web hosting and domain registration companies. And like most people, we quickly realised a few years ago that the service, the product, the help wasn’t great from any of the companies we tried. Then we stumbled upon Tsohost. Since then we have never looked back. After using Tsohost for many years now we understand the huge benefits that come from a good quality hosting company. For this reason we promote Tsohost to our customers, our readers and anyone that is looking to start up their own website. Review

Want a indepth review of Then visit our Tsohost Review for information on their services, the company, the trust and their customers.


DIY WordPress

Here are some other articles you may be interested if you wanted to get your own WordPress website up and running. I thoroughly recommend using ManageWP WordPress Management Software and Genesis WordPress Theme Framework. For more information see our Promotions, Resources, and News sections.

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  1. Tyrone Sann says:

    Thanks Elect for the Tsohost promotional code. Do you have a guide on how to install wordpress on Tsohost? Great if you could write one.

  2. Just purchased a new domain, VDS, and SSL for our new apparel store – Fable & Kin. Thanks for the Tsohost discount code. Very much appreciated – saved us quite a bit of cash.


    • Dougy Hunt says:

      Great set-up for an online store you will have. Let us know how it goes. Looking forward to seeing Fable & Kin up and running. All the best, Dougy.