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SuperConnected Cities


Thousands of pounds are up for grabs for small and medium sized businesses thanks to a new government scheme known as SuperConnected Cities. The Department of Culture, Media and Sport has allocated £100 million to roll out superfast internet connections

How I feel about Google+


This video sums up how I feel about Google+. Yes, it has wondrous effects on SEO, clickthrough rates, etc, using Google Authorship, etc. But, the sad fact is… nobody really uses it. Well, not really outside of the tech industry

Becoming a Google Partner – AdWords Certification

Partner Badge

Today I have started the process of becoming a Google Partner. After putting it off for a little while now I have decided to get my teeth stuck into the Google exams and get those coveted Google certification badges. I

Content Marketing: Sometimes I don’t know what to write about…

2014-02-26 14.12.29

This is a short blog post about content marketing and having writers block. Yes, as I write this I am afflicted with writers block for about the last week, and to keep Google happy, if not my readers, then this

True extent of the Negative SEO attack of 2014

Overview  on Ahrefs

Okay, so I underestimated the sheer volume of the negative SEO attack on this internet marketing blog. Turns out, according to Ahrefs, that there is around 40,000+ backlinks. This is definitely not a manual disavow action. I will just blanket

FreeAgent Evangelist

2014-02-05 12.52.27

Last night I became a FreeAgent Evangelist which I am tremendously excited about. I absolutely love the product as it has save my two business, and all of my clients, endless hours of sorting out invoices, tax and general business

Skimlinks Review – Why I think it’s the best affiliate platform ever!


Skimlinks Review. Ok, stating that Skimlinks is the best affiliate platform ever is always going to be controversial. The truth is that Skimlinks easily measures up against Affiliate Window, Commission Junction, and ShareASale, and, in my humble opinion, can be

Tweaking a Prater Raines Lib Dem website

Sutton Borough Liberal Democrats After

For all those that have a Prater Raines based Liberal Democrat website there is not much you can do to tweak the rigid system they offer. I personally am not a fan of Prater Raines’s Liberal Democrat websites – design,

Political Website Redesign

St Helier Liberal Democrats

I have recently been working on a redesign of the St Helier ward Liberal Democrats website – you can visit the website here: or a short url here: The redesign, as I type this, is about a third

Simply Refurb


This is just a quick post. Wanted to showcase latest client project Simply Refurb. Simply Refurb, are a new start-up property maintenance and property refurbishment company based in London. They offer their services across London, Surrey and Kent. Some of