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Who’s our man? Rand’s our man!

Rand Fishkin

Bio: Rand Fishkin Rand Fishkin is the founder of Moz, formerly known as SEOMoz, a software company which helps businesses, sole traders and individuals to make the most of Google and decipher the search algorithms. Who is the man behind

ENM Going Green with Ecotricity


I know this is a little off topic and on a little tangent, but, we’ve taken the plunge and have switched to Ecotricity to provide 100% green electricity and green gas. Ecotricity is Britains leading green energy supplier. Offering both

Our new Editor, Becca C. Taylor


Just a quick welcome to the our new editor, Becca C. Taylor. After some huge changes here at ENM, we have now have a new editor to push our digital blog in a whole new direction. Becca has joined our

3 top tips for Google Authorship

google authorship   Google Search

This little article is not about how to install and set-up Google Authorship but a quick overview of what it is, what the benefits are, and 3 tips to make sure you get maximum benefit out of it. What is

Why I <3 Digital Campaigning


Digital campaigning. Political, third-sector, and all other forms of digital campaigning are close to my heart. That is why Elect will expand it’s current digital offering and now include digital campaigning articles, opinion and news. For this short post I

Dot London Launches Sunrise and Landrush Periods


A few weeks ago, the first of the thousands of new domain names were released, with more being added almost every day. From .build to .sexy, these new gTLDs are expected to shake up the marketplace, giving more people the

New Top Level Domains Shake Up Industry!


A huge expansion in the domain name extension market is set to shake up web addresses forever. No longer will users be limited by .coms, .co.uks or .nets. ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) are implementing one

SuperConnected Cities


Thousands of pounds are up for grabs for small and medium sized businesses thanks to a new government scheme known as SuperConnected Cities. The Department of Culture, Media and Sport has allocated £100 million to roll out superfast internet connections

How I feel about Google+


This video sums up how I feel about Google+. Yes, it has wondrous effects on SEO, clickthrough rates, etc, using Google Authorship, etc. But, the sad fact is… nobody really uses it. Well, not really outside of the tech industry

Becoming a Google Partner – AdWords Certification

Partner Badge

Today I have started the process of becoming a Google Partner. After putting it off for a little while now I have decided to get my teeth stuck into the Google exams and get those coveted Google certification badges. I